Reasons for getting a Generator:

Severe weather is not new to Virginia and North Carolina. Dealing with power outages can make you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable and unsafe with damages or loss of finances. 

An Installation of an Generac automatic standby generator will make you safe and secure, whether you are home or away. Root Electric LLC, can install a turnkey Generac standby generator to protect your home and family and at the same time, saving you money. YOU can be in control and never in the dark again!

Generac Generators supply your company with security knowing you will not loose customers during a power outage. Your company CAN run your Cash Register, Computers, Lights, Alarm Systems and Specialty Equipment in just minutes of a power outage.

Generac Generators are complex, why not hire a certify electrician to Size, Install, maintain the warranty work and do all the maintenance work. Pat Root is your local Factory Authorized Warranty Dealer making him Southside’s Generator’s Specialist. Root Electric LLC has been factory Certified in Generac standby generators, which is the top brand selling in the USA today. Root Electric has all the latest computer software for each of these Generac generators to expedite maintenance on the generators. Having this broad range we can supply Generac generators for RVs, Residential, Commercial & Industrial needs. 

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Well water
Sump Pump
Heat / Air conditioning
Stove / Oven
Washer and Dryer
Phones / Computers


Cash Registers
Alarm system
Heat / Air Conditioning
Specialty equipment
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